C25K: Week 1 report

I did it! Week one of the Couch to 5k Challenge is done. Hooray!

Red-faced and make-upless but week 1 = completed!

Progress Report:

1. Mental

  • My biggest fear was how to get started in a way that was easy to sustain. Must.stick.with.it.
  • I decided to train in the mornings so that afternoon appointments, to-do lists and lethargy couldn’t get in the way.
  • I play mind games with myself, including talking to Alaska about myself while we run…”We have to keep going, don’t let Adriane be a pansy and quit. We can do it!” Embarrassing but true.
  • Overall, so far, so good…

2. Physical

  • I felt really good the first run.
  • For some reason, the second run was much more challenging.
  • The third run got postponed until this afternoon so it was hotter, which reminded me why I need to stick to mornings!
  • Pounds lost: 0
  • BMI: unchanged

3. Lessons

  • The right gear is essential. In addition to the running shoes I bought, I needed a way to calculate my interval times. Did you notice my armband in the top picture?

It was a birthday gift from Jeremy. It's the Sport 20 by Armpocket and it's made from bamboo and recycled plastic.

It’s comfortable and lets me take my phone with my awesome downloaded playlists to keep me on track.

  • The routine is going to be key. I’ve read it takes 66 times to make something a habit…I’m three down!
  • Running isn’t pretty. I huff, sweat, tense up and jiggle. But, more than anything, can we talk about mucus please? What’s with that? I watch football players and cyclists spit and think it’s disgusting but now understand. About 10 minutes into my trek, I’m attacked by phlegm. Ick. I’m trying to increase my water consumption to see if that helps.
  • I tend to breathe mainly through my mouth while running so I now use plenty of my mint Chapstick before heading out.
  • I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders when running that leads to terrible stiffness and headaches for days afterward. I will now continue to focus on my posture, staying loose and using my undeveloped muscles (back and abs) rather than overcompensating with muscles I’m more comfortable using.

So, that’s my C25K Week 1 report. This is all new to me but I so appreciate being able to share it with you and learning as I go.

What did you do today? Try anything new?


11 responses to “C25K: Week 1 report

  1. First of all, you are braver than I am for posting on Facebook (o; Congrats! I am currently on a bit of a hiatus from blogging due to work, but I try to keep up with is somewhat.

    And wonderful job on C25K! I know you can do it! I would also recommend that in this crazy Florida heat that you invest in tech shirts. I seriously have no idea how I used to run wearing cotton. It makes a HUGE difference.

    P.S. The constant channel changing on the TV used to drive me nuts when I was roommates with Jeremy!

    Have an awesome week!

    • Hi Jes! Thanks for the shirt recommendation. I did my first afternoon run yesterday & thought I was going to burst into flames. I’m going back to mornings and will definitely try out tech. Maybe I can join you if you do the Gate run next year. If you get back to blogging, send me the site!

      • You should be able to get to my blog by clicking on my name. I would definitely love to sign up to do the Gate run with you! I ran the 15K in 2009 and really enjoyed it!

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