Discovered: Girl+Farm+Blog

Today’s new find is a blog. While spending some time this evening watching Iron Man on cable and scouring gardening research and blogrolls, I stumbled upon a new blog!

Jeremy snapped my set-up...we're party animals.

Although it was quite accidental, it was a brilliant find. It’s called Farmgirl Fare. She’s funny, and a great resource, and her blog banner looks like this:

Gah! Try to resist the cuteness.

And, she says this about herself:

“Armed with a very basic knowledge of gardening, an overenthusiastic sense of adventure, lots of naiveté, and a budget way too small to afford my quaint New England dream farm, I dragged four cats, a large dog, and my equally greenhorn husband (who has since escaped back to civilization) to a 280-acre, 140-year-old ‘rustic’ homestead in the middle of nowhere.”

Sounds like my kind of lady! She even worked in the term ‘greenhorn’ so it was a quick crush 😉 .

I have a bit of farmgirl catching up to do and I am still researching gardening info so with any luck, you’ll see a post eventually about an attempt. And, tomorrow I’m heading to a new farmer’s market so wish me luck!

Did you try anything new today? Have you found any new blogs lately?

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