New kid on the block

I usually avoid discussing work here—both to protect the guilty innocent and myself 🙂 —but I want to touch on something work-related today. We got a new employee. While that doesn’t sound like big news, it doesn’t happen very often in my department. After interviewing him for a write-up, it made me realize a couple things.

1)      We’ve all been the new kid somewhere.

2)      Corporations are like elementary schools.

I’m very grateful to have my job. Even more that I have a great boss and do work I love, but it’s always interesting when someone new comes in. What they bring with them and what they receive is so interesting. As we talked, I found myself in a game of sizing each other up, trying to be good listeners, not getting too personal, seeming personable…it’s quite the high-wire act.

After I left, we shook hands and smiled. It was very nice to meet him. But I still left thinking greenhorn things like, “Ugh, why did I say that?! It was a dumb joke and now he’s going to think I’m weird.” People are funny creatures. Do you think dogs meet and think things like, “Whoops, I was trying to sniff you rear and didn’t mean to step on your paw. Oh crap, now he’s going to think I’m a klutz.”?

I remember when I first started at this company, the woman that sat next to me came over and said, “Hi Adriane, it’s nice to meet you! Welcome to the salt mine. Sometimes I talk loud so if you hear anything scary, just tell me to shut up ::laughter::”

I’m sure she was being nice and humorous, but why would you say that to a new person?! I’m also certain she walked away with my reaction from today. I did think she was weird. But as I learned more, “scary” meant that she talked a lot about weekend liquor plans and her bipolar mother with dementia, so context was key. She was a good professional outside of that and we got along well.

Did you do anything or meet anyone new today? Any new kid stories to share?

Ps-I finally ordered fabric! One step closer to the big reveal.


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