My big 2-8 weekend

Happy Monday! I had a wonderful birthday weekend. An easy, relaxed few days with nothing but fun stuff and several firsts.

My April 30th birthday got an early kick off at work Friday morning.

My great boss arranged pre-birthday bagels! Mmmmm Einstein Bros...

Complete with OJ and schmear. 🙂 I had a cinnamon bagel plain–it was still warm! YUM. They also got me a card in fabulous office style:

From the office staff.

Gotta love 'em.

If you can’t read it, my boss signed it with his Spanish name, “El Cheapo.” In case you were wondering, and I’m sure you were, his Native American name is “Runs With Beer.” He’s a character, lol.

Good start, no? That night I met up with my girls. Excellent continuation. Even one extra who lives in North Carolina so we were super happy to get to see her!

Look at this adorable group! Five friends, 16 years and counting.

Her visit was thanks to one special person…who I hadn’t heard of but now have stuck in my head…Brooke Fraser. She was playing at a local dive bar and turns out she’s great. Really amazing voice and she’s funny. It was a small enough venue that her personality could come out. She’s from New Zealand and asked us if, here in Florida, we all just sweat all the time. See? Funny. BTW, the answer is “pretty much,” but I digress.

I didn’t get home until 2:30 a.m. so I celebrated my actual birthday morning by sleeping until 11 a.m.–it was like college. I woke up to a cleaned house and my super sweet husband making me breakfast. Jackpot.

Happy Breakfast to me!

We enjoyed breakfast together and I opened my gift from Jeremy and a special gift package from my Mom.

We got ready and jumped in the car to head to party for one of Jeremy’s friends. Her birthday is also the 30th and she was throwing herself (and me) a party.

On the way.

I shared that picture of myself because of what’s coming. We got to the other birthday girl’s house and she and her husband had an awesome food spread out for everyone.

Pulled pork, coleslaw, wings, fruit plate, sausage and peppers, pasta salad and more.

And another friend brought us gifts.

This is what we looked like during the party.


Everyone got in on the glitter apparel action.

Our cake!

That night Jeremy and I went to see Fast Five! It was great. I’m a sucker for action movies, especially ones with broad-shouldered, half bad/good guys with humor. 😉

Sunday, we wrapped up the celebration activities with a sushi lunch at my favorite place. I definitely ordered with my eyes and ate way too much, and still took a box home, but it was delicious.

Crunch roll with sesame and eel sauce and krab salad roll.

Good thing I started my C25K training program today! Whew. Thanks everyone who gave me a great birthday, including you guys who let me get away with two days off.

So, did you try anything new today? Anyone else in love with The Rock?


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