28 goals for 28 years

If your a soccer fan, I will join you in running in a circle with your arms up, hollering, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” 🙂

Saturday is my 28th birthday. I thought for the occasion, I would do a birthday themed post and announce 28 goals to accomplish over the next year.

Just imagine there are 16 more candles...

First, a bit about birthdays. The one thing that strikes me is when people aren’t honest about their age. This cracks me up. Maybe it’s because so much emphasis has been placed on what the years “mean.” Are they afraid people judge them because they are one of those aging type of humans?

Although, I don’t like using public restrooms and I could use my argument on myself since obviously there aren’t non-restroom using human types. Point taken…

But to me, I don’t care whether I’m (or you are) 28 or 88. Actually, I’m quite hoping to make it to 88 and so don’t want to leave out any years in between!

On the subject of making the most out of your years, I wanted to try something new this year by challenging myself to complete 28 goals in my 28th year. They are as follows:

  • 1.   Keep blogging to find my voice and take advantage of the creative outlet it provides.
  • 2.   Admit blog on Facebook
  • 3.   Support Jeremy in his new career path.
  • 4.   Commit to fit. (No diets, no guilty punishment workouts, no pity eating—just conscious choices with a healthy attitude.)
  • 5.   Grow our savings account to a two-month nest egg.
  • 6.   Eliminate paper stacks in the office.
  • 7.   Run another 5k.
  • 8.   Visit somewhere I’ve never been.
  • 9.   Organize photo albums.
  • 10.  Scan all photos for safety.
  • 11.  Buy a fire/water-proof safe for things like mortgage documents
  • 12.  Participate in The Greenhorn Adventure Race.
  • 13.  Get a new car (or at least make peace with getting one eventually).
  • 14.  Avoid grocery store eggs.
  • 15.  Update resume. (Not that I’m looking for a new job, but I think it’s a smart idea since I’ve accomplished so much since the last time I used it).
  • 16.  No self bashing. (This is partly related to #3 but I want to remember that my body has allowed me to do amazing things even though I often criticize it. If you’re a real-life friend, you are also under this rule about your own bodies. Mom I’m talking to you!)
  • 17.  Hang living room collage.
  • 18.  Take a cooking class.
  • 19.  Save more than I spend on a grocery store trip with coupons.
  • 20.  Clean out file cabinet.
  • 21.  Have a garage sale.
  • 22.  Face a fear.
  • 23.  Find an outlet for dance.
  • 24.  Use one day to do absolutely nothing.
  • 25.  Get estimates: contractor for bathroom add-on and dining room door & self for dining room walls, deck and landscaping.
  • 26.  Develop more strategic planning experience at work.
  • 27.  Keep active relationships.
  • 28.  Stave off baby fever just a little longer.

Did you do anything new today? What are some of the goals you’ve made for yourself?

Also, my birthday gift to myself is a break, which means no blogging this weekend. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


3 responses to “28 goals for 28 years

  1. Bet it wasn’t hard to come up with those ’28’. They all look very resonable and some are cool. Realistic goals, too!! You support Jeremy in his career path already, so I would expect you to keep at it. It is nice that you both support each other’s careers.
    Happy Birthday, from the first person you ever met!!

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