Paying attention to details

So, a few weeks ago, I heard about this “amazing” farmer’s market where real local farmers and producers go to sell their produce, meat, cheese, honey, flowers, seafood, crafts, coffees, etc. They are also local restaurants who go to give samples and support the farmers…all around sounds like a neat-o place, no?

This is the first photo on their website--they HAVE to worth going to!

Needless to say, I was excited about giving them a try. Especially since I have really been wanted to adopt more local, seasonal, responsible food sources but  my first experience at a farmer’s market had wholesalers rather than farmers and my second attempt was a failure before I got in.

As I was leaving work last week, I went online to get directions and discovered their site was blocked at work. Bummer. Apparently the carrot man is NSFW.

So instead, I just Googled “Beach Market.” An address instantly popped up. I saved it in my phone and pulled it up as planned Saturday afternoon. I drove a shorter distance than expected and rolled into a huge place that was actually a flea market with produce stands. Not at all what I was expecting.

The people did not look like they took pride in these products and couldn’t tell me where they came from. Puzzling. After circling in a blazing hot and crowded flea market, I went back to the first produce stand I found (in between the fried carnival food cart, the adult novelties store and the Spanish Qur’an book stand).

The people were very nice and the stock looked good.

Simple first aisle.

They had normal veggies and fruits and even some more exotic finds like rambutan:

Apparently the inside flesh is white and really sweet. They are related to the litchi nut...if that helps.

And in the end, I came home with five bananas, cauliflower, two mangoes, two bell peppers and a large bunch of carrots.

All for $8.25.

Not too shabby for a place with only three produce stands total. I was disappointed that they weren’t local and were from unidentified sources though, so I did not buy the eggs, honey and other items I was hoping for.

As I was relaying my experience to a co-worker today, her face kept scrunching up at me in confusion. After a five minute back-and-forth, she laughed and said, “Oh honey! You went to the market on Beach Blvd. You were looking for the market at the beach. Two very different places!” Oh, huh. The light bulb came on. That was the first time I have been betrayed by my Googling.

Obviously, I’m looking forward to trying again…at the right place. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm and I can finally share my first experience at a real farmer’s market.

Did you try anything new today? Anybody have great local markets where they live? Also, I’m dying to know if anyone has actually tried rambutan! Maybe I’ll go back just for that. 🙂


6 responses to “Paying attention to details

  1. I have been dying to go to a farmers market but I always work sundays! That rambutan looks interesting! I love trying new fruits!

    • Hoorah for trying new things. Good luck with your farmers market quest. I know the ones around me have different schedules…hopefully one will pop up on a Saturday for you. Or maybe you might get “sick” one Sunday 🙂 lol.

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