C25K Challenge

Something amazing happened today. I was roaming my favorite blogs and the first thing on Eat Move Write was a post titled “Join Me on a Couch to 5K Challenge.”

I’ll explain that that’s amazing because I’ve been contemplating doing that program for weeks. I start with really good intentions and even did my research and bought some great new running shoes. But it’s too easy to come home from work and fade. I’m mentally exhausted, I have to make dinner, I have plans to go to a meeting or a visit a friend, etc. Well, I guess I have to take care of my body, too. So, it’s going on the agenda. If you know me, you know I LOVE an agenda!

Jasmin’s inspiring invitation told me that now was the time. No, really, it said “You. Yes, you! I want you to join me.” 🙂 I heard you Jasmin and I’m signing up. Thanks to a worksheet she provided, I have the action plan and will fill it out as I go to monitor my progress. Here’s snapshot:

My Couch to 5K plan.

In case you can’t read it, it’s just the C25K weekly plan with my name, my partner’s name (Alaska) and my goal (kick ass, taking names is optional). If you want the full Couch to 5K program plan, visit the C25K website. And, for the perfect assistance, I’m taking some of her other readers’ advice and going to Google to look up playlists that keep your time so you know when to walk and when jog.

The challenge starts next week on Monday, May 2 and follows the 9-week program, ending the week of June 27. And, just to make it interesting, I’ve signed myself and the husband (he’s such a good sport) up for a huge local run Monday, July 4…the Celebration 5K. The entry fee includes a time chip so Jeremy and I are already competitive :).

This isn’t our first run but it should be our better. Our first (and only) 5K was a charity run. It wasn’t pretty, but we started strong and had fun along the way. Here we are at home after the race:

No fancy outfits, no timer...just a ragtag duo who were happy to make it to the end.

So, anyone with me? You have a week to sign-up…or what the hey, start on your own right now! I feel very lucky to be able to run and think the challenge is the perfect kick start.

Have you run a 5K before? Are taking up a new challenge? Let’s hear it.

10 responses to “C25K Challenge

  1. Love that you are doing something for your health. Oddly enough I have decided to lose 5-10 pounds in 1 month. Mainly I wanted to improve my eating habits and see how ‘healthy ‘ I think I eat. Surprise, surprise, I don’t eat as healthy as I thought. Keeping track of everything I eat on the computer. Do you think there’s more carbs in a pancake or a tortilla? Yep, that fajita isn’t healthy at all!! 30 grams of carbs in a tortilla and 15 grams in a pancake. Little did I know. But, started a 2 weeks ago and I have lost 3 pounds! Exercise everyday, even.if.only.30.minutes. And keep drinking LOTs of water. NO SODAS!!! Fingers crossed. Need snazzy shoes.

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