Palm frawns, chocolates and a kiddie pool

Happy Easter everyone! I know I could use another day off to recoup from this weekend. This was my first Easter, since being a kid, that I celebrated with kids.  I still got my own basket though so got to celebrate like a kid, too. 🙂

Jeremy and I got matching envelopes in the mail.

Mystery envelope.

If Jeremy looks excited it’s because of a hint peeking out of the envelope’s seal.


One was green and one was pink. And when we broke it open, confirmation!

Easter baskets from Utah!

My sweet Mom packed envelopes full for each of us with traditional, colorful fake grass, goodies and cards.

The only casualty from mailing chocolate more than 2,000 miles.

I had an idea so took off toward the guest bedroom closet. In it? Our flower girl’s wicker basket…

I was excited to fill it up properly.

Alaska was also very interested.

We ate most of the candy immediately…it was the polite thing to do, right?! Hi and thanks again Mom!

We then loaded up the car with my homemade marshmallow bars and green bean casserole to visit Jeremy’s parents in central Florida.

I didn’t take any pictures as I was too busy talking and stuffing my face with ham and sides. But it was nice to see my in-laws and they even put out eggs for our two nephews (Austin is 10 months and Orion is 16 months). Orion actually got into the hunt and would put his hands on his knees to scope out the area…too cute.

After lunch, we all sat outside and let the two boys into the kiddie pool.

Cheap and quality fun.

They had a blast! Just splashing around and getting lots of attention. And since it was almost 90 degrees, we tried to stay in the shade for everyone’s sake.

Just a boy and his dog.

All around, a nice Sunday. It might be interesting when the nephews get older but this year was cute and low key.

Did you do anything special today? Easter-related or otherwise? I’m off to Skype and get ready for the week. It’s coming whether I like it or not 🙂


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