Like butta

OK, it’s not like butta, it is butta baby! After reading that you can make butter at home on Design*Sponge, I have been wanting to try it for myself. When heavy cream made it on my grocery list for the lasagna rolls, I had my chance.

Once I was finished with painting for today, I broke out the cream and the instructions. I’m making treats for Easter tomorrow and needed some butter! I started with three simple ingredients: heavy cream, glass marbles and a glass jar.

The ingredients.

The directions said to use one glass marble but since mine were so small, I added a couple more figuring it couldn’t hurt.

Step one: Put marble(s) in jar.

Step two: Pour in the cream.

I used the whole pint (minus the quarter cup used in the lasagna).

Step three: Put on the lid and start the clock.

As you can see, I started at 4:54 p.m. and was fairly suspicious (also I was in my painting scrubs so try to ignore my attire). Then you just shake the jar until it magically turns into butter.

Step four: Shake the ever-loving goodness out of the jar for as long as it takes.

Clearly, jar shaking is an extremely flattering and easy job. The instructions I read didn’t give a time but I had heard that old-timey churns took hours so I had no idea how long I was going to last.

By this time, it was getting really difficult and tiring (ed. note–maybe don’t do this after two days of painting), so I opened the cap to check out my progress. This is what I saw:

Whipped top(ping), get it? 🙂

I couldn’t believe it; it looked like a solid.

Step five: Shout with delight, "Holy crap, it works!"

And, in just eight minutes! Truthfully, it might’ve been done sooner and I just didn’t realize it. I really was committed to half an hour or so. I’m SO glad that wasn’t the case.

All of a sudden it is butter.

The next part threw me since it looked like it was reversing.  You can see in the picture above how much room it takes in the jar. Then it turned to this:

Getting settled.

I thought I did something wrong, but after going back to the directions, I realized it was just settling. It was time to head to the kitchen and strain out the settled milk–buttermilk.

Step six: Strain out the milk.

I know the name says so, but I never thought before about how buttermilk was made. I put a mini strainer over a piece of Tupperware.

Straining set-up.

All the milk, and there was quite a bit, was caught in the Tupperware.

Once all the milk was strained out, I poured it back in the jar.

Once the milk was out of the Tupperware container, I plopped the butter out of the strainer into it. As I was flattening it out to get the last of the milk, I hit something hard:

Whoops! Almost forgot those were in there.

Ha! So, I dug out the marbles to live to shake another day.

Step seven: Enjoy your own homemade butter!

By 5:30 p.m. I had one cup of buttermilk, one cup of butter and a fun experience. I made blueberry muffins and can’t wait to have them with my butter for breakfast. I’ve heard you can add anything from lavender to honey to cinnamon. There will be a butter making round two.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday! Did you try anything new? Has anyone else tried butter, or other homemade staples?

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