Cork board and a tin can

Firstly, I’m kind of a cheapo. I oogle magazines and stores but rarely splurge on the goods. I’m unwilling to pay $45 for something I’m going to fill with pens or $3,000 for something I’m going to cover in dog hair and crumbs. Not that I don’t have my moments (I totally understand when a killer pair of shoes or beautiful lamp whispers in my ear 🙂 ) but on the whole, I try to be discerning and if I can, use what I have.

But, I wanted something to wrangle some of the clutter in our office. I had a cork board and a small silver cup but they were not so attractive and did nothing for the room. I saw several pieces that were adorable from places like Pottery Barn, Target and Etsy, but none that were as personal or cheap as I was hoping.

I was walking through World Market when a barrel of clearance wrapping paper jumped out in front of me and yelled, “Hey you! Look at me!” In it was a beautiful printed roll with a metallic brown, teal, gray and olive green…the exact color palette of the office (thanks to my love of green, my dream of gray, my existing wall and desk colors and my husband’s love of the Jacksonville Jaguars).

Well, hello there, pretty little pattern...

Yay! I scooped it up for $2.59.

I got home and gathered my supplies: wrapping paper, white paint, paint brush and thumb tacks. After some very poor measuring, a bit of positive energy and a lot of fake-it-til-you-make-it efforts, I had a brand new board!

Ta da!

The only thing left was my boring and too small votive holder.

This is my "stuff" desk corner. Weak before.

I needed something more substantial…

Hmmmm, how about a soup can?

So I grabbed the wrapping paper remnants and my soup can and went to work.

One stylish can 🙂

I’m so pleased with the cheap and easy make-over. I’ve had it in the office for some time now (you got a sneak peek of it in my Housiversary series) and it still makes me smile.

This is my "stuff" desk corner again. Hooray after!

So, what about you guys? Any quick and easy make-overs that you are proud of?

ps-I’m off to do laundry, which will be easier once my laundry basket loses 18 pounds…

"You filled it and left it to go blog. What was I supposed to do?"


2 responses to “Cork board and a tin can

  1. I never thought of wallpaper for a cork board; one time I spray-painted one, which added color, but not the put-together vibe I was hoping for.

    Btw, where did you get that adorable silver lamp on your desk?

    • Spray painting at least the frame is a great idea. The lamps were a set of two for $25 through Amazon. I have one on my desk & one on my bedside table. They are great and touch-based! No fumbling for a cord or switch.

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