I hit a snag

OK, I’ll admit, I can’t believe my bookcases aren’t done yet. I have seriously lost steam. I purchased my thrift-store find on March 11. Holy cow, it’s been more than a month!

Here’s what happened…

I was all gung-ho about my refinishing project (read about my prepping and priming adventures) and decided because of some damage to corners, we’d add trim. Easy right?

Damage? I can fix that!

If you said yes, then you are either much more experienced than this trim greenhorn or you’re equally naïve, lol.

The first step was measuring. Check. The second step was going to Home Depot to buy said trim (we actually went to Lowe’s first but they didn’t have a way for use to cut it there. Boo.). So, the handy folks at Home Depot stepped up with their cut-it-yourself set-up and a friendly associate to help Jeremy do trigonometry. You shoulda heard them discussing the angles and degrees. I was glad to just take the pictures!

They finally got to the sawing.

We got home with a pretty stack of perfectly cut pieces.

Although I bought liquid nail, I just hung the first piece gently with a small brad and a level. Which is when I discovered this:


The angle was perfect but shaved off length. Resulting in that lovely gap. Still trying to be optimistic, I grabbed a gun.

Yep, my handy DAP caulk gun.

Although it wasn’t very wide, it was so deep that filling the gap was challenging. But I did it.

Unfortunately, it looked like doodoo.

Not that I didn’t do a good job, considering, but I failed to take four things into consideration:

1) Unlike spackle, caulk isn’t sand-able. So I have some overflow that looks messy.

2) I only lightly nailed the trim pieces in! Which means, to put them up more permanently, I have to take the trim off, which will ruin my only half good caulking job anyway.

3) Manually caulking and finagling trim is much harder when you have four corners and eight sides that need to match.

4) Paying attention to the corners meant I didn’t pay attention to the side trim sticking out a quarter-inch. So the underside of the trim (that was already ill-fitting on the outside corners) looks like this:

Double drat!!!

I quit. I haven’t worked on the project for almost two weeks now. But, I miss my garage parking and really want to get back to what my original intentions/enthusiasm levels were.

I have resolved to go buy new pieces and am dedicating Friday to the project (trim and paint). Hopefully that means I can give you a big reveal next week. Wish me luck!

Did you try anything new today? Anyone else have projects kicking their butt?


5 responses to “I hit a snag

  1. That sounds like every DIY project I’ve ever started! Last summer, my husband and I got the bright idea to make cubbies out of pine wood (like the ones they sell at Target, but not made out of particle board). Scott had helped his dad make small wood things using pegs and wood glue to hold them together, but despite having a MS in Math, he measured so horribly that we gave up and just glued the darned thing together. By the second cubby, we were a little more sure of ourselves, but the first one definitely looks like crap so we hide it in the closet. Moral of the story: the second attempt is always better. 🙂

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