Prime time

Today, I’m back to working on my bookcases! After cleaning, sanding, spackling, more sanding and more cleaning, It was time to prime these bad boys. I bought Zinnser cover-anything-we-promise-even-a-greenhorn-can’t-mess-up white, self-leveling primer.

Good stuff.

And then went at it. Then realized I should probably take the rest of the doors and handles off rather than trying to paint around them…OK, back to priming. The first coat went on extremely well but looked terrible.

Closeup of the first coat.

First coat on the sliding doors.

:/ But, I guess that’s priming. So, I waited for it to dry (overnight) and then went out to do a second coat. But there was one problem…I made a huge rookie error and completely forgot to put the lid back on the primer can last night. I figured it was ruined 😦  I called for back-up.

Jeremy fishing out primer goop.

Turns out, just the top layer dried and protected the rest! The white on white meant I couldn’t get a good picture, but Jeremy was amused. We also realized all the primer that had settled into the lid groove also dried, which meant we couldn’t get the lid back on. Jeremy had a solution for that, too.

Hello razor blade.

Yay, teamwork, lol. Also in good news, by the time the second coat dried, it looked muuuuch better.

Primed and pretty.

Prime coat close-up.

Hooray! Happy to have that part accomplished and ready to move on to the final painting step.

So, did you try anything new today? Anyone else love the smell of paint on a Saturday? Hahaha.


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