Housiversary week special tour: Bedrooms

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of the week and my tour. Thanks for sticking with me; I’ve really enjoyed having you. Really!


Look, even Bear is feeling like he knows you. "You have any treats out there?"

We may as well jump right in starting with the master…

Master bedroom staged for sale

The master bedroom is actually the smallest bedroom in the house, go figure. But it fits a king-sized bed, a dresser, a night stand, a small bench and a large dog bed, so it’s not as limiting as some might imagine.

The first thing we did was paint. Call it builder’s grade white rebellion from all our apartments, but we really wanted a dark and moody room. We chose a deep but warm burgundy and dove in.

Master bedroom now from the same view as original (above)

We used the same sandy beige from the hallway as a non-traditional accent wall.

Technically, this was the first room in the house that we tackled, so actually, we chose the sandy beige as the room paint and then carried down the hallway…but that’s splitting hairs. We chose the colors based on a Sherwin Williams burgundy/blue/tan trio palette we both fell in love with. We worked in the blue as an accent and in the bathroom.

A true 'en suite'...or half en suite?

I think the half bath is a great amenity. Jeremy calls it “my” bath because it’s where all my make-up and magazines are. There isn’t an outlet but it’s a great it’s-okay-I’ll-use-the-other-one bathroom, lol. No shower-steamed mirror while I do my make-up or rushing him out of the restroom because I need to put in my contacts. Good for time management and marriages!

Inside the half bath

I love the light and the retro tiles

Other than adding crown moulding, we are pretty happy with this room as is. The only thing I’d actually like to change is to turn it into the office/guest room rather than the master. I’ll show you what I mean as we go.


Bedroom number two is currently being used as an office. This is the biggest bedroom so we were able to fit his and hers desks plus a sitting area, bookshelves and a cat area. With Jeremy in school and my blog habit, we spend a lot of time in this room…

This is how it looked when we bought it

And here's that same view today (aka: his side)

Here's another angle from the day we got the keys two years ago

And here's that view today (aka: my side)

This the current sitting area (aka: the cat side, as his food and litter are housed in the corner but I'll spare you)

I’d actually love for this to be the master since it’s so much bigger than the other rooms. I dream about knocking out the window on “his side” of the room into a doorway and building a 6′ x 8′ addition to house a large master bath and walk-in closet. ::sigh:: A girl can dream, right? Dream and save pennies :)!


Last but not least is the third bedroom that you got a peek at earlier this month when I shared a secret. We are currently using it as a guest bedroom and for storage.

Third bedroom as we bought it.

Its picture isn’t near as pretty at night because of the lighting but I love it. The first thing we did in there was paint it a soft gray.

This is the same window view of the room today.

Guest room other side of original layout.

This is that second view today.

We rounded out the room with a full bedroom set I’ve had forever. I love the round mirror and the swing era waterfall design.

Guest room dresser

I mentioned in the beginning that I’d like to turn the current master into a combined office and guest room. You know what my dream transformation is for the office…any guesses as to what will happen to the current guest room? With any luck, we’ll be blessed with the opportunity to change it to a nursery. Not yet though, don’t panic Mom!

Sooooo, that’s our humble abode! If you missed any other parts of tour, feel free to use these links to view the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway. Thanks again for touring. I know it didn’t come with bottled water or chocolate chip cookies like some open house,s but you got to do it in your jammies so I hope that tips the scales. 🙂

Hope you get to enjoy your weekend and try something new. Same time, same place tomorrow? See ya then!


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