Housiversary week special tour: Hallway & Bath

Welcome back y’all! I gotta tell you, I was just kinda going through the motions when I got up this morning…and that’s why I was SO glad it was Friday. Oh wait, what day is it? Dammitall!

But, I got back on track and am definitely looking forward to Friday for real this time, lol. But before I end the evening, it’d make me feel muuuuch better to escort you around an oft forgotten room, the hallway. 🙂

Let’s get to pictures!

The hallway as we bought it
Hall today…oooooooo
Hall today…ahhhhhhhhhhhh

In case you hadn’t noticed, the hallway was originally a pale, grayish yellow. It wasn’t a horrible color but it was in every. single. room. Even closets. So like rooms past, the first thing we did in the hallway was paint. We chose a sandy beige neutral. We also found the most amazing storage cabinet at Ikea!

Clever and sneaky storage = love

It only has two front legs so we didn’t even have to worry about the baseboards! The other thing we did was replace our ancient thermostat. Did you think our hallway would have stuff to talk about? Fun.

Our old, dusty mercury thermostat had to come down
We found this hidden pink striped wallpaper!
Now we’re streamlined and workin fine 🙂

We also have a hall bath, which is the only full bath.

Main bath view #1
Main bath view #2

We’d like to add a pedestal sink, re-glaze the original cast iron tub, frame the mirror, lay new tile and redo the closet.

The bathroom and closet doors do this often right next to the harsh sink corner.
Although I love the closet in the bathroom, I think the space could be used more efficiently.

So, thanks for visiting today! Tomorrow I’ll wrap up with the bedrooms. If you missed earlier legs of the tour, you can click to see the living room, kitchen and dining room.

How was your day? Did you try anything new? Anyone else dreaming of redoing a bathroom?


4 responses to “Housiversary week special tour: Hallway & Bath

  1. What color accents do you have in your bathroom? Are wine and yellow the colors??
    A pedestal sink would be perfect since you have a closet.
    Do you have to keep the closet door or could you take it off and have pretty baskets and towels in there?
    My bathroom is small to, and off the hall. The tub needs reglazing or a ‘rebath’ overlay, not sure which. Just bought a new shower curtain but need to buy a pretty new vanity and frame the large mirror and get new lights and tile the floor and paint.

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