Housiversary week special tour: Kitchen

Aaaaaand, we’re back and going straight to the heart of the home: the kitchen! Admittedly, I newly discovering my heart. I do make a mean chili mac, but only recently am I becoming more adventurous and interested in not just eating great food but making it.

Our kitchen isn’t too small and, luckily, was re-done at least once since its 1952 build.

The kitchen as we bought it

That means although it isn’t my dream kitchen, everything works so dang well that we can’t justify getting new appliances and such just yet. While I’m grateful to have quality appliances in good working order, I’m not ashamed to admit I have the occasion day when I can’t help but think, “c’mon and kick it already fridge!”

Kitchen today

Because the kitchen came with some items, the first thing we did was clear out the cartoon art, toaster-shaped clock (gifted to our Realtor 🙂 ) and the shag checkered print rug. Then we painted the walls a warm beige and bought a shmancy new faucet…that we’ll install eventually…Here’s a series of photos moving around the kitchen counterclockwise.

The dining room doorway I stood in to take the previous two pictures.

The other side of the dining room doorway holds the animal supply and dry goods storage corner. I have neglected to share our fat cat with you prior to now. This is Bear hangin’ at his water cooler.

Lonely corner

The thing about a house older than our parents is defintely a lack of storage (which is why I’m still working on these). Also? Outlets, just FYI.

Peek into the hallway

Our weekly meal plan, to-do list and doggie pill schedule are all on the fridge–handy kitchen placement. What’s not in the kitchen are two normal modern conveniences. One is a pantry; wanna guess what the other is?

What's missing?

A dishwasher! And we’ve been told by a plumber that because of the house’s age and set-up, putting one in isn’t going to be easy. Wop wop 😦 But hopefully, we’ll be able to tackle it along with the rest of our kitchen agenda:

  • New, stainless appliances
  • Move the fridge to the baker’s rack wall
  • Remove baker’s rack completely
  • Flank new fridge with lower cabinets
  • Install pantry where fridge leaves
  • New countertops all around
  • Install new faucet
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Decorative accents (like a window treatment and rug)

So that’s the story of our kitchen. Are you counting down to the weekend like I am? Feel free to share your kitchen stories–good, bad and ugly! Drop back by tomorrow for Tour de Hallway.




5 responses to “Housiversary week special tour: Kitchen

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  2. Nice workable kitchen. Really like the warm BEIGE walls! You have lots of space to play with. Where would the dishwasher go? And the lonely fat cat corner??
    My kitchen has cabinets over the eating area with an oven hood in the middle. Want to get rid of the cabinets and replace the hood with glass and stainless. Yahooey. Want ss appliances too, but playing the waiting game on them also. New cabinets, paint, floor, and then pots, pans, griddle (cause I don’t have one now and really miss it.) New silverware, more plates.

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