Housiversary week special tour: Dining room

It’s day two of my house tour: dining room day. I know, don’t faint from excitement 🙂 Funny enough, this is one of the smallest rooms in the house but has one of the longest (or at least heaviest) to-do lists. We got big plans for this space!

In the picture, I’m standing in the living room. There’s a door to the garage on the left and a doorway to the kitchen on the right, but we’ll get to those later this week 😉 Here’s how it looked on day 1:

Dining room as we bought it.

Luckily, it didn’t really need any work…we just had some personal wants for improvements. Here it is in today:

Dining room so far...

So, not much has changed today except a nice round table for better flow and some extremely comfy, stitched parsons chairs. Oh, and my Derek mannequin! When my brother moved out to Utah, he brought me a dressed mannequin with a photo of his face taped onto its head. It tends to scare visitors but I love him 🙂

Here's the other side.

It’s nice and bright…but fairly small. And size wouldn’t be a challenge except that there are doors on three of its four walls. And the pièce de résistance is actually our plan to add French doors to the only (currently) door-free wall. Here’s the to-do list:

  • Knock out the window and put in French doors
  • Add window door treatment
  • Five- to six-foot board & batten wall treatment (inspiration/tutorial from My Home My Style magazine)
  • Storage furniture

That’s a wrap for today. Hope you enjoyed the dining room show and tell. Tomorrow, the kitchen. Thanks for dropping in! Did you try anything new today? Do you have any plans or a wish list for your dining room?


4 responses to “Housiversary week special tour: Dining room

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  2. Small dining room but the table and chairs are awesome. Do you have an eat-in kitchen or do you eat in the dining room? Chair rail will look nice and add a lot. I don’t have a dining room but have an’eating room’ off my kitchen. I have an expandable table that can seat 6 if needed. Does your table open up?

    • We wanted a kickass expanding table from Scan Design but weren’t willing to shell out the $3000 price. We love our World Market table and probably wouldn’t be able to fit an expanding table anyway, so it works for us.

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