Housiversary week special tour: Living room

Welcome to part one of seven in my week-long house tour! It’s worth mentioning that this is by no means a glamorous tour. Our house is modest and a work in progress. But, we heart our little house, and couldn’t be more pleased with our first purchase or the experience of learning as we go (even though some days there’s more learning than others). 🙂

So, the order today, the living room. Just to help orient you, we have the front door flanked by two windows in the center of the wall. Here’s how it looked staged when we discovered on the market:

Left side of the front door

The living room's right side the day we got the keys.

We started by painting the room a soft sagey/gray green (I wish I remember what the color was!). Added some fun slipper chairs and TV stand from Target, a console table and art from World Market, lamp from a thrift store that I redid and an air purifier from Lowes (that I won via Pepper Design Blog) and you have half our current room.

Left side today

The other half is for the relaxing:

Right side today

See? Alaska is demonstrating. A giant clock, cushy couch, soft storage ottomans, shaggy rug and decorative shelving round out this side. So, as much as I enjoy coming home to this room, you know there’s a to-do list, right? Here’s what I’d like to see someday…

  • Crown moulding
  • Side tables for the couch
  • No more DVD racks
  • A larger area rug
  • Wall-mounted TV
  • Photo collage mix with the TV
  • A fireplace

If you can excuse my quick Microsoft Paint program doodling, this is (kinda) what I am imagining for fireplace and TV wall.

I want to take this side and turn it into...

This! Only real, to scale, and more complete.

It’s a fancy mock-up, I know. But I have a large frame that I think will go perfectly around the TV and make it more a part of an artsy collage rather than the stand being a focal point. By the way, my black squiggles are hanging bud vases…maybe try squinting and being generous.

Hope you enjoyed the living room. Tomorrow, the dining room. Thanks for dropping in! Did you try anything new today? What do you love or want to change in your living room?


5 responses to “Housiversary week special tour: Living room

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  2. You have a good size living room! I can see how the door placement is a little weird, but lets in great light! My living room is a pretty good size too. I needs paint and I want a fireplace and a place to hang the TV. Makes sense to me. Love your colors.

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