Dog days of spring

Happy Saturday friends! Hope you are enjoying the official weekend day as much as possible. The weather has been so pretty here I have been dying to take Alaska to the beach to enjoy it!

I called my friend Beth to see if she wanted to join us with her new puppy, Zeus, and by puppy, I mean huge 1-year-old German Shepherd. She happily accepted and met me at 7:30 a.m. (she’s a great friend, lol). Too early for a weekend but dogs aren’t allowed on the beach after 9 a.m. So, we loaded up the car and hit the road.

Locked and loaded

Alaska loooooves car rides. Especially if the destination is somewhere she actually wants to go (as opposed to the vet). Apparently, Zeus is also a fan. The beach is only a thirty minute drive and as we approached the salt air, they both started paying attention.

They both noticed something!

Just a few snags, like missing my exit, no available people bathrooms and driving down a one-way road the unintended way, and it was no time before we hit the sand.


These paws were made for walkin'

For some reason, the shore was littered with jellyfish! I didn’t see any with tendrils but they were everywhere and the pups had to sniff each one. There were smaller ones (maybe 6 inches) and big daddies like this guy who was probably more like 10-12 inches wide.


But it was definitely the pretty day I was hoping for and people, other pups and even pelicans were all out for it.


Our hands were pretty full but we did manage to snag a couple pics of ourselves, too.

Beth and Zeus

Me and Alaska

We had a great time and so did the dogs. Alaska hates water but there’s something about the beach! This was Zeus’s first time in beach water and he took to it like a natural (he’s been to the beach and in a pool, just to clarify “beach water”).

Footloose and leash free!

We walked a little more than three, bare-footed miles in two hours. It was so great to see Beth and meet Zeus (all this fun while our poor significant others were working). My pale self even got sunburned but it was totally worth it to see my girl like this!

Maybe my favorite picture ever.

Now I’m starting dinner and am thinking about a nap. 🙂 So, did you try anything fun today? Is spring being kind to your city yet?

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