Runway to Dignity

I mentioned yesterday that I had an amazing opportunity to attend a fashion show. I’ve been dying to be able to share my first fashion experience with you. This post will be very picture heavy!


I have a friend, Genelle, who works for Dignity U Wear, an awesome local charity that provides brand-new clothing free of charge to schools and non-profits for those in need. The founder is a Holocaust survivor and they do not operate on a penny of government money, so yeah, they’re pretty great. But this isn’t about them; it’s about they’re great event. I got two tickets and took my very fashionable and overworked friend, Jennifer.

Dolled-up duo

We drank champagne and enjoyed the waterfront while we waited for the fashion show to begin.

Breezy dusk on the St. John's River

They had adorable clear bamboo chairs inside a white tent with white lights strung all around.

Tent set-up

We even ran into my friend’s mother-in-law. I was so surprised and happy to see, I forgot to take a picture with her! She and some of her friends also came to support Genelle and the cause. Unfortunately, Genelle was not in attendance because after working for a year and a half on this event, she went into labor the MORNING OF. The emcee of the event called her a runway baby 🙂 Speaking of the runway, here it is right before the show started:

It was beautiful to watch the sunset through the clear tent canopy.

Once the sun set, the emcee came up and announced the sponsors and thanked the guests, then the house music started pumping! Hello walking music! Mpta, mpta, mpta, mpta… (that’s my techno beat in writing. Can ya feel it?!) 😀

On the catwalk...

What I learned is models walk fast in very bright lights. Both of those things make for some really crappy audience pictures. The local paper was prepared for some much better pics of some (mostly) gorgeous clothing from designers like Escada, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana via Neiman Marcus.

After the show was over, they had an after party with a huge dessert bar (think bananas foster flambe stations), hors d’oeuvres and champagne . OK, they served wine, too, but I had no interest in that. All the models came out and stood for photos and questions.

They were model models

At the end of the night we were pooped (and to be honest my feet were starting to lose against my 5″ heels).

I was so freakin' tall!

I’m more of a jeans and flip flops kinda gal but this was a really fun change. Here’s a full-length shot of Jennifer and I at the end of the event, where I learned another lesson: don’t take a valet’s photographic skills at his word.

Hopefully you can get an idea from this sadly blurry version of us

You can see we are holding our little goody bags! Another fun surprise for this first-timer.

Event gift bag

Which held sunblock, facial cream, lotion and midnight recovery cream all from Kiehl’s. I’ve never used this brand but a quick trial of the face cream was really nice. It was really light and more watery so if felt saturating but not heavy or greasy. I’m looking forward to trying the others.

The gift bag goods

All in all an event I’m so grateful to be able to support and share. And such a unique experience–definitely nothing like my normal Thursdays, lol!

So, did you try anything new today? Have you ever been to a fashion show or an event you got dressed up for recently? Happy Friday!



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