A big pizza pie

This post is a little late today because I actually attended a fabulous fashion show event. I promise to post the full rundown on that soon once pics are accumulated. In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun experience from our kitchen.

Now, to preface, we are some pizza lovers for sure, but we are orderers. Call it in, pick it up–easy and delicious from our favorite spot, Five Star. But, we decided to try our hand at homemade pizzas! Thanks to a coupon, we bought a twofer package of Mama Mary’s whole wheat, thin crust pizzas.

What we didn’t get was toppings. Bollocks! We got home and loaded them up his and hers style with whatever each of us could dig up. But it was kind of fun and added to the inventive aspect.

His had sauce, a low-fat four cheese blend, green olives and fajita steak pieces.

Jeremy's pizza

Hers had sauce, low-fat four cheese blend, cut up shaved chicken breast, chopped yellow bell peppers, artichoke hearts and spinach.

My pizza

Mine won in colorfulness (and probably healthiness) but both were quite tasty. We were very pleased with the crust and our creations…for dinner and for a couple lunches in the days following 🙂

So, hope you are having a great day! Did you try anything new? Anyone a pizza-making pro or delivery dependent?


3 responses to “A big pizza pie

  1. I love pizza! I have tried my hand at making it before but I am not that great. I do find that I can beef up a frozen pizza pretty good though. If I had to eat one thing forever it would probably be pizza. Yours looks like a good combo.

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