Bill & Adriane’s Excellent {Bus} Adventure

Ha! I couldn’t resist that title. Feel free to weave your air guitar flashbacks into this post : )

I mentioned last week that I was working with my local transit group and had been asked to do a filmed testimonial (that I got stood up for, lol). But we got back on track and were able to meet today. This time, I took a new route but it was a familiar plan: bus stop, transfer station, work.

It was a cold but sunny morning for hangin’ at a bus stop.

Right away, I almost took the wrong bus…more correctly, I almost missed my bus since I was at the wrong stop due to a directions program error. Great start. But the very helpful driver stopped and was also going to my destination so I jumped on board. I spent the quick ride listening to the gentleman behind me complain (not sure to whom because I didn’t turn around) about how sore he was. Next to me was a 40-something woman telling a 60-something woman that she needed to keep the spark in her marriage. She offered advice like “pop in the Keith Sweat or R. Kelly CD and show him you want him.” I hope everyone takes note.

I finally arrived at the transfer station to meet Bill Milnes, the videographer. It was fairly busy there even though it was after 9 a.m. I’ve definitely underestimated how relied-on JTA is. It was nice to see. So Bill clipped a mic to me and asked me a few questions about my bus experiences, expectations, stories, etc.

Meet Bill!

I’m certain less than 1/4 of my ramblings are even usable but it was fun and before I knew it, my connecting bus was there.

With minimal confusion at first about inbound versus outbound buses, we hopped on (the right one!) and I answered few more questions. By the way, this was a fancy bus with seat handles and a TV. Oooo. Within 15 minutes I was signaling for my stop. He got some me-getting off-the-bus and me-walking-to-my building shots and we were ready to wrap (<—-yep, I used some “biz lingo” lol). Only one person asked which news program I was with where I had to disappoint them with my boring answer. I was back in the warm and lovely glow of my cube and corporate florescent lighting well before lunch.

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

All in all an excellent adventure (as opposed to a Bogus Journey, lol. You did think I’d end without a final reference, did you?) Apparently, my footage will air at the noon and 1 a.m. local news segments Monday. So although I don’t currently plan to watch my small screen debut, I may reference the opportunity next week. (Public speaking is cake but watching myself speak? Scary stuff, I don’t know why…maybe I’ll reconsider on Monday.)

So, what did you try today? Any fun adventures that you got yourself into?


2 responses to “Bill & Adriane’s Excellent {Bus} Adventure

  1. Geez, looks like Bill needs a diet. Great time shooting your segment. It will be on Ch4 on Monday the 18th at 12:30 p.m. and later that night at 1 a.m. (after Dr. Phil). Then on Ch25 Saturday the 23rd at noon. Tune in, Adriane did great.

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