My dirty secret about clean clothes

OK, I’m not a dirty individual. I can’t stand dirty. I’m extremely detail-oriented and I obsess over organization (my closet is organized by color, then by style, then by season).

Rainbow closet

Maybe that’s the reason half my clothes don’t make it there! The problem with being meticulous is it’s a lot of work and time. Plus, my washer and dryer are across the house from the bedrooms, down four steps and in the back of the garage. So, I wash, dry and fold or lay flat the clothes. Then I take them into the walk-in closet guest bedroom and further sort them into piles for whose they are and what drawer or closet order they go in. Can you see? Towels, his shorts, her shirts, socks, to-be-ironed and hung, etc

Embarrassing piles

After all that sorting and organizing, I quit (which is easy to do since we have so few overnight guests and it’s just us two). I end up just leaving them there in happy, organized piles that we pick from until gone. I know, it’s terrible!

I mean, they are all clean (and close to the iron so that’s actually convenient) and when the zombies takeover who’s going to care about a few piles of laundry? But, I am trying a couple of remedies. I’m trying to use a designated laundry day. And, I’m folding or setting aside to hang before I come back into the house. And, when I come in with the clothes, I immediately put the folded ones away so at least that’s done.

Hey! There's a bed here!

I’m still struggling a bit with the tedious hanging but Jeremy helps and so do smaller piles. I finally got every piece out of the bedroom and it’s so nice. I’m also in the mood to spring clean and purge, so I have a feeling a yard sale is in my future. I’m trying!

So, what about you guys? Any dirty house secrets? How about laundry tips?


4 responses to “My dirty secret about clean clothes

  1. OMIGosh… Laundry is the worst. I don’t mind the washing drying part its the foling hanging part. I do it normally but sometimes I end up just with a clean clothes basket and a dirty clothes basket… my secret is that if the clothes that are clean make it into a basket that is as far as they get sometimes and then I will “fluff” them in the dryer if they are wrinkly. This is not always but it happens during busy weeks. Atleast yours make it into neat folded piles.

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