The story of Little Red Greenhorn

Minus my first year of life when I had almost black hair, I’ve always been a blonde. It’s been cut short, grown extremely long, styled, sprayed, straightened and more but the color stayed true.

At 8, I was pretty sassy in my jumpsuit 🙂

So, last year at Halloween, Jeremy and I were invited to a party–a costume party! We always carve pumpkins and set out candy but we’d never dressed up together. We decided to go as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of Jeremy’s favorite movies). We had the outfits, the face paint, the poses…but I kept going back to one thing, her hair.

My costume came with a wig but it was the saddest orange, yarn cap you’ve ever seen. It also was hot, itchy and embarrassing. I realized, why am I paying for hair that I’ll wear one time when I have my own. Fun time! I made a consultation with a color specialist and before I knew it, the deed was done and I was under a dryer.

That's hot

But it turned out amazing. I looked so different, even to myself. It’s weird to have to do a double-take of yourself.

Before: Blonde

After: Red

And for good measure, to put it in context of the original red intent, here’s us in costume at the party:

Jack & Sally 2010

So, for any other hair-dye first-timers, here are my pros, cons and tips.


  • Fun
  • Flattering
  • Forces you to see you differently


  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • What’s done is done


  • Go to a well-respected color professional.
  • Get a consultation with 1-your hair washed and air-dried 2-your regular, day-time face (make-up or not) and 3-in a clothing color you wear most frequently (maybe you often wear pink or you have a uniform).
  • Be ready to commit to the change for 4-8 months depending on the color you get and your hair type.
  • Understand the fading process for the color you choose (now my hair is five months in and I like this duller, in-between color  a lot less).
  • Have fun!

So, what about you guys? Did you try anything new today? Any hair coloring vets with tips to add?


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