This little doggy went to market {sorta}

Hooray for Saturdays! To me, they feel like the true “weekend” day. Fridays are great but they are spent in anticipation of Saturday. And Sundays are great but are anything but restful in my house, and are instead, spent as get-it-done-quick-before-the-week-starts days. But Saturdays, ah, sweet little Saturdays are mine, all mine.

Beautiful Saturday sky

I can sleep in, catch up on shows, paint toenails or enjoy an outing. We have this amazing free event downtown every Saturday called the Riverside Arts Market (RAM). I had yet to go so decided it was time. I’d heard that it was full of local musicians, farmers, restaurant representatives, jewelry makers, bakers, artists, performers, gardeners, etc. Hundreds of people load up their cars (or boats since they even have a dock entrance. Gotta ❤ our river city) to make it an event with their parents, kids, pets and friends.

Jeremy actually works Saturdays (I told you they were mine 🙂 ) so I decided Alaska and I would spend it together out at the RAM. I just knew it would be a day full of friendly faces, free samples, I’d buy produce, they’d oogle over my adorable pup, all under the sunshine and beauty of a Saturday. Besides, Alaska loves car rides.

No make-up, no stress, just relaxing at the riverwalk

We parked about two blocks away since it was soooo busy. But as we are going down the sidewalk, she is shaking, whining, pulling, panting. The line of cars in the street next to us are dead stopped in traffic and so get to witness this wild scene. I’m shortening her leash, walking confidently (Cesar-style) and talking soothingly as we go.

As we approach the RAM entrance, I can see the Brazilian dance fight demonstration, smell the roasting spiced nuts and hear the flute music. I’m excited.

Outside the Riverside Arts Market

But the bustling all around us is making her worse. And right as we approach the crosswalk, where there are four cops and tons o’ people, it happens…a walking poo. Alaska didn’t even stop walking! Just left a trail…literally, scared sh*tless.

People in strollers are trying to avoid it, people in cars are staring at me as I try to keep her from pulling me over on my face as I bend down with my Bags on Board. She is still whining and circling, stepping on me…and in it. A. Total. Disaster. Not what I imagined for my Saturday.

I cleaned up, walked her to the grass, made her sit, pet her face and asked if she felt better or was ready to just go home. She BOLTED toward the sidewalk back toward the car. As we waited at the last crosswalk, I looked at down and this was the face I got in return.

This is my I'm-so-over-this face

I burst into laughter and I can’t believe I caught it on camera. This poor little lady was D-U-N. We finally got home and played fetch instead. She was much happier with this arrangement.

Just a stick and her own yard

So, happy Saturday! What did you guys try today? Anyone else have neat city events…or reasons why you haven’t been, lol?


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