In honor of my new blog, I’m taking a plunge. If you know me, you know I’ve always wanted tattoos…lots of them…but am a big chicken. Inspired by the greenhorn character I’m trying to encourage, I’m finally doing it! Have no fear, right? Here’s the design inspiration photo from the awesome folks at Zazzle:

Ink inspiration!

It’ll be brightly colored and cover my whole upper back. I love that it’s not too ‘girly.’ I’m excited! Pics to follow.

Do you like it?!?! If so, you can get your own. Support this blog and your own greenhorn spirit by getting this fun pair of green horns tattooed anywhere you like and send me pics!

Are you still with me? Have you decided I’ve lost my mind? Happy April Fool’s Day. 🙂 Thanks for letting me be silly! TGIF!

So, what did you try today? Did anyone do/suffer/witness a great April Fool’s event?


One response to “Inktastic

  1. Got me! I feel better knowing you came to your senses………WHEW!

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