Thrifty vision: storage hunt

I need storage. Our limited kitchen storage means oddball items like extra paper towel rolls, the rarely used punch bowl and stemware sets are shoved about in any half-usable cranny.

Cramped space between upper cabinets and kitchen ceiling holds everything from ice buckets to stemware.

This is our first house so I think we suffered from eyes bigger than our stomach square footage syndrome. So, we decided we needed to look towards the dining room.

Unfortunately, it is pretty tiny so the typical long and deep sideboard or buffet wasn’t an option but surely that room could do more than hold a table that holds the mail. I went through countless options and although I didn’t have an exact idea, I did have a list of criteria:

  • No more than 15 inches deep
  • No more than 40 inches long
  • Must have closed storage at least on the bottom (no nephew hands or dog tails should have access to open shelving)

I finally found a bar cabinet that were perfect from cb2! It was so adorable and modern, and actually a little small so I’d need two.

Minus the price tag…$800!!! Yikes. I called it quits–I figured I would just keep the stuff in their happy crannies.

Then, I came across a piece at a thrift store I occasionally stop in for inspiration. I can describe them as bookshelves but they really aren’t. They were so unique but I wasn’t sure I wanted crappy, old, huge, odd “bookshelves,” so I left without them. Also, there was no way I could’ve lifted them or fit them in my car!

Are they bookcases? An entertainment center? A desk unit?

But, I couldn’t get them out of my head…I went back the next day. Turns out they were two pieces put together. I took a few measurements, sketched my ideas down (my doodling where things would go on one of them is below. That’s my Type A coming out, lol). And as for criteria met?

  • No more than 15 inches deep. CHECK!
  • No more than 40 inches long. CHECK!
  • Must have closed storage at least on the bottom CHECK!

It wasn’t what I had thought of, but this might work. I finally Googled refinishing projects and presented it all to Jeremy.

What it looked like in my head...sorta...

He said he would go look at them. He ended up going with a truck, and without me, and they all greeted me when I go home. So now I actually have to make something out of them! Here they are in their original (secondhand) glory.

Storage unit #1 closed

Storage unit #1 open

Storage unit #2 closed

Storage unit #2 open

I’ll keep you posted 🙂 So, what did you try today? Any furniture projects? Has anyone seen this kind of piece before?


9 responses to “Thrifty vision: storage hunt

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  2. The piece you bought almost looks like it would be a built- in for a smaller apartment kitchen. Including shelving, a fold down kitchen table , and a pantry all in one…. I love do-it-yourself projects. I think this set has endless possibilities. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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