Large hats, small foods

I had one very proper Saturday afternoon! I have three girlfriends who are all quite different and all quite amazing; we have been friends for sixteen years. Yep, that means that we have seen each other through braces, acne, new loves, heartbreaks, family trials, bad hair, schooling, and more (some that I’m bound to silence about). We make a point to get together as a group once a month. For March, we decided a tea party! Why? Why not?! There’s a cute boutique basket store in our town who hosts afternoon teas. Naturally, we prepared by wearing adorable dresses and the biggest hats we could find.

My hat seriously needed its own zip code! We had the whole room to ourselves and spent three hours nibbling, sipping and sharing.How perfect is their “Cherish the Moment” sign?

We were served cucumber water, blueberry soup, pickled carrots, lots of sandwiches (egg salad, pimento salad, tuna salad and even ham salad sandwiches shaped like Easter bunnies!)

It was a blast. So, in case you’re a tea party greenhorn, here are my pros, cons and tips…


  • Fabulous attire opportunity
  • Adorable set-up and details
  • Delicious tea
  • Miniature foods
  • Lots of courses
  • Sweet desserts
  • Great company 😉


  • If you aren’t a girl, or wouldn’t enjoy a frilly luncheon event, this won’t be your cuppa tea (pun intended)
  • Miniature foods (yes, this made both lists)


  • Hats are a must!
  • Bring an appetite because all that tiny food adds up
  • Stretch your pinky finger beforehand as to avoid cramping
  • Try to get the tea room to yourself if you are loud and occasionally inappropriately humored
  • Go all out to really enjoy the experience

So, what did you try today? Have you ever been to an English tea party/low tea?


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