Hello world!

Well, fancy meeting you here…I’d like to welcome you to my blog, Greenhorn Living. I feel like the latecomer to the party but after two years of stalking everyone else, I’m joining the fun. And who the heck am I, you ask? Well, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’ll answer it anyways to avoid any awkward questions later. My name is Adriane. I’m a perpetual planner who’s married to my favorite man, working on my career, loving my family and newly obsessed with blogging. Back to the blog beginning: I affectionately call YoungHouseLove my gateway drug blog. Surely you know them! I discovered them two years ago while Googling house projects (right after we bought our first one) and was hooked. Over the past two years my bookmarked blogs list grew substantially. Now I’m ready to join the party! Can we refer to it as party? I’m still new…thanks for humoring new my excitement. OK, let’s get to the basics:

1)     Why start a blog? I fought it for a long time since there are so many great people already successfully discussing anything I could think of. However, I finally decided I needed an outlet for all the inspiration they’ve given me and the new situations I get myself into. Also, everyone around me is having babies, so I’m having a blog.

2)     What does “Greenhorn Living” even mean? After weeks of debate and more than 30 names tossed out, Greenhorn Living struck me at 2 a.m. A ‘greenhorn’ being someone who’s new or inexperienced and ‘living’ being approaching life with that novel attitude. I have a lot to learn and I’m excited to share those experiences with you (wins and fails).

3)     I love learning about a blogger’s personality. Peanut Butter Fingers posted an “ABCs of PBF” a few weeks ago and I thought it would be the perfect intro, so here goes…

A.  Age: 27

B.  Bed size: King—and I still end up pushing my husband to the edge, lol.

C. Chore you hate: Washing the dishes! I think it takes me back to my waitressing days—ugh.

D.  Dogs: Yes please! I LOVE dogs, especially big ones, although I already have the best one possible =)

E.  Essential start to your day: Snoozing. I’ll hit that button for an hour.

F.  Favorite color: Aqua, hands down. I love the light/bright robin’s egg kind the best but I’ll take it any form.

G. Gold or silver: Silver overall but I’m finding gold has its place.

H. Height: 5’2”

I.   Instruments you play: I used to play the piano. Now I just sing in the car with the best of ‘em!

J.  Job title: Communications Specialist.

K.  Kids: None now, but eventually.

L.  Live: Jacksonville, Florida.

M. Mom’s name: Deborah (hi Mom!).

N.  Nicknames: None by design. My Mom didn’t want a name with nicknames. Although she calls me sweetie and the hubs calls me baby, pretty lady and sugarbottom, which reads dirtier than it sounds, I swear. So, that should be an embarrassing enough blog start.

O. Overnight hospital stays: None, knock on wood.

P.  Pet peeve: There’s no “s” so I’ll assume the intent is to pick one, which is much harder. I guess #1 is when people have perfectly logical/common sense/calm options and they seem to skip straight to crazy.

Q. Quote from a movie: “Maybe you should start being the right guy. That’s why you got punched out. You got the wrong attitude straight outta the gate!” (Yes Man)

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S.  Siblings: One younger brother, Derek. I also have an even younger half sister and many new in-laws.

T.  Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays and at 9 a.m. on weekends. What time I actually drag myself out of bed on any given day is an entirely different story.

U.  Underwear: That came right out of left field, didn’t it? We’ll just say yes.

V.  Vegetables you dislike: I can’t think of a veggie I don’t like. I’m totally the weird kid who loves brussel sprouts (thanks, Mom, for making me try them for myself rather than listening to the bad rap!) I can be picky though—I won’t eat canned corn but will only eat canned peas.

W. What makes you run late: Choices and distractions! I put off things I don’t want to decide on, like which outfit to wear, especially if there’s 38 seconds of sleep I could get away with or a show I want to see the end of.

X.  X-rays you’ve had: A couple but nothing fun unless the bi-annual dentist ones count as fun.

Y.  Yummy food you make: Cupcakes, corned beef and cabbage, sweet and spicy Asian pork shoulder, tuna noodle casserole…there’s a bunch but since I’m a recipe follower, I don’t think I can take credit.

Z.  Zoo animal favorite: This one made me laugh because there’s not much with “Z.” I love all the animals…except maybe the invertebrates, sorry millipedes, ick. I guess I’m especially partial to moose, bears, giraffes, marine animals and anything funny looking, like anteaters.


8 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Love your blog! Will follow since I am now an official ‘Greenhorn’.

  2. anonomous blog reader

    Well helloooo Adriane,
    Let me be the first real person to welvome you to the blogging world, I am so glaad you have joined on. What a nice intro only a couple of questions, So Derek that name just sounds handsome I would love to know more. Anyway welcome welcome I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
    Your FAVORITE MAN!!!
    I mean fan oops ;P

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